Q: Who owns the Taylors Mill?

A: What is colloquially referred to as the Taylors Mill is actually 3 separate properties with 3 unrelated owners. Our portion of the Taylors Mill, the roughly 62 acres that is the primary structure of the former Southern Bleachery and Piedmont Print Works, is owned by Taylors Mill Development, LLC, a company owned by Caleb Lewis. Caleb also operates Carolina Recycling Company, a tenant of the Mill. Our property begins just past the first smokestack along Mill Street and continues back away from Main Street, Taylors.

Q: What is your pet policy?

A: We are sorry to spoil the fun, but tenants, public visitors, employees and guests of tenants are not permitted to have pets in common and other public-facing areas of the Taylors Mill, including tenant spaces (such as restaurants, galleries, etc.). We know lots of people have very well-behaved pets, but it is too high a risk for us to allow. There are some exemptions for tenants that have pets, but no pets are allowed for the general public.

We have received a bit of coverage over this policy change, but feel that it is necessary to protect the Mill and the tenants that call it home. Any litigation over such an incident would be detrimental to our mission to create a space for small businesses to thrive, and in today's litigious culture, we must protect that mission. 

Q: Do you you let people set up for First Friday?

A: We open up the doors for tenants with leased space to participate, but we don't control those events. First Friday (the open studio time from 6-9 pm on the first Friday of each month) is a program of Greenville’s Metropolitan Arts Council (MAC)! Our tenants sign up through MAC but we don’t control who’s on this list; we simply unlock the doors during the open studio time! You can find out more here: http://www.firstfridaysgreenville.com/. Greenville Open Studios is a separate, weekend long event coordinated by MAC the first weekend of November. You can find out about that here: http://www.greenvillearts.com/mac-programs/open-studios/

Q: I hear there is a brewery?

A: Yes! We are very excited to have 13 Stripes Brewery on site, now open to the public!

Q: I want to have my own event at the Mill... how can I do this?

A: While the Mill may put on a few large events over the course of the year and the Taylors Farmers Market happens on our property, we are not an event company. However, one of our tenants, Southern Bleachery Events, would be happy to help you out!

Q: How does getting space at the Taylors Mill work?

A: Spaces vary by size and amenities. Contact us for current listings and to take a look around.

Q: Do you have a listing of your tenants?

A: You can find a listing of tenants that have chosen to be listed here! 

Q: Where is Due South Coffee?

A: Due South Coffee Roasters moved out of the Taylors Mill in December, 2018 to a new location in Greenville. We wish them all the best!

Q: Why do you charge money for people to take photos at the Mill?

A: The Taylors Mill is a lovely place for sure; many people enjoy taking photos here! The work of revitalizing the Taylors Mill is expensive. The money we collect in photography and videography fees goes directly to making the Taylors Mill a better place.

Q: What’s the story on this place?

A: We are glad you asked! Check out our story.

Q: I want to work at the Mill... how can I do this? 

A: The mill itself has a very small staff while most of the people at the Mill work for businesses inside (see our Community page to find out all about these fine folks). See the previous question about getting space at the Mill to find out how you can begin your own company at the Mill.

Still more questions? Contact Kari Walker!