Facility Overview & Tenant List

The Taylors Mill is a big place with lots of businesses! Public access at the Mill is primarily through Dock No. 3. Only Tenants are allowed past Dock No. 3 at this time. 

 Click for a printable PDF

Click for a printable PDF

Interpreting Suite Numbers

The facility's suite numbers can help you find the location of a tenant in the Mill.

The first 3 places indicate the building a suite is in:

PW1###-Print Works No. 1
PW2###-Print Works No. 2
PW3###-Print Works No. 3

The 4th digit indicates a floor number. All floor numbers are consistent across the building. 

Access from Mill Street is generally to the first floor, while access from the back road is to the second floor. 

The final two digits indicate a suite number. For example, 13 Stripes Brewery is located at PW3101. Broken down...

PW3101-Print Works No. 3, First Floor, Suite 1.

Tenant List*

9MC Vintage | WRK GRP | PW3210

Stacey Major | Second Website: https://www.davida-helmets.us/

13 Stripes Brewery | PW3101

Aaron Robinson, Director of Operations | 864-349-1430 | aaron@13stripesbrewery.com

Allison Anne Studio | PW3212

Allison Anne Brown | 864-640-7824 | allisonanne.b@gmail.com

Appalachian Spirit Folk Instruments | PW2253

Bill & Liza LaCasse | 864-901-4054 | appalachianspiritfolk@gmail.com

The Bravo Institute | PW2213

Camilla Bravo, PhD, LPC-S | 864.320.1648 | camilla.bravo@ckbravo.com

BoltAffect | PW2207

Humble Web Developers | 864-513-2658 | info@boltaffect.com

Carolina Recycling Company | PW3160

Caleb Lewis | 864-292-0098 | caleb@carolinarecyclingcompany.com

Carrington Films | WRK GRP | PW3220

John Carrington | john@unionpicture.co

Contraluz | WRK GRP | PW3228

Jessica Reel | 317-397-9959 | contraluzshop@gmail.com

Cotton Rouge & Company | Cotton Rouge Photo | PW2325

Katie Cotton | 864-416-1254 | CottonRougeandCompany@gmail.com

C&W Roofing, Siding, & Window Co. | WRK GRP | PW3222

Kyle White | 864-269-3545 | whitekc23@gmail.com

David Butts | PD1151

757-773-7514 | indian45@earthlink.net

Daydream Lane Photography | PW2207

Daydrielane Osorio | daydreamlanephotos@gmail.com

Elizabeth Napier Photography | WRK GRP | PW3226

Elizabeth Napier | 864-680-7843 | beth@elizabethnapier.photography

IVIVA | PD1220

Katie White | 864-663-1845 | info@ivivalife.com

Joe's Studio | PW2269

Dan Lyles | 864-915-5096 | dan@joeeverson.com

Jonathan Moore Studio | WRK GRP | PW3230

Jonathan Moore | 864-478-9327 | jonathanmoorearts@gmail.com

Maritime Supply Co. | WRK GRP | PW3214

Ian Nigh | ian@maritimesupplyco.com

Mary Denman Photography | PW2269

Mary Denman | 864-380-4905 | denman_mary@yahoo.com

Model Trains Station | BL1250

Mog Studios | NINTH HOUR Productions | PW2265

Shane McMullin | 864.326.4509  | yello@mogstudios.com

Nathan Bertling Studio | WRK GRP | PW3211

Nathan Bertling | 864-237-0959 | nathan@nathanbertling.com

Nicholas Weidner Design | WRK GRP | PW3210

864-380-2601 | njacob.weidner@gmail.com

Old Mill Yoga | WRK GRP | PW3219

Caitlin West | 843-568-4931 | caitlin@oldmillyoga.com

Our Creative Adventures | WRK GRP | PW3229

Lonnie Johnson | 864-546-0456 | lonnie@ourcreativeadventures.com

Margie Johnson | 864-706-3746 | margie@ourcreativeadventures.com

Pinpoint Creative Studio | PW2240

Bill Sayer | 864-252-4030 | designer@ppointlaser.com

Plunder | WRK GRP | PW3206

Lisa Burton | 864-884-8337; Sue Skenteris | 864-787-4382; Other

Ring Studio | PW2350

Nick and Christine Ring | 812-630-5583; Nick | 812-630-4721; Christine | ringstudio@gmail.com

S&B Woodworkers | BL1237

Bob Ripley | 864-982-2014 | bob.ripley@att.net

Shed Labs | WRK GRP | PW3207

Wellington Payne | wellington@shedlabs.com

Sofia Invitations and Prints | PW2240

Sofia Sayer | sofia@sofiainvitations.com

Taylors Mill Events/Southern Bleachery | PW2101

Margaret Ashleigh Black, Owner: Ablack@Southernbleachery.com | Lawrence Black, Humble Servant: lawbla@southernbleachery.com

Tessha Zimmerman Dickey Studios | PW2215

Tessha Zimmerman Dickey | 717-919-0589 | teshzimmerman@gmail.com

The James Pittman Gallery | WRK GRP | PW3216

James Pittman

The William Felton School of Crafts | PW1251

Shane Bryant | 864-325-4233 | feltonschool@gmail.com

Vatalaro Studio | BL1235

Mike Vatalaro | 864-506-6611 | vatalam@clemson.edu


*Some tenants choose not to be listed online; this is not a comprehensive listing of all tenants at the Taylors Mill.

Our Owners: Keeping it in the community.

The Taylors Mill isn't owned a real estate holding company in Atlanta or Charlotte like so many large developments: The owners work right here, making it better, day in and day out. Learn a bit more about them.

Caleb Lewis

Majority Owner

A 4th generation native of the Taylors, South Carolina area and former Eastside Eagle, Caleb Lewis is no stranger to doing business in this community. Caleb's family has been helping make this area a better place for years, and Caleb himself operates one of the largest businesses in the Taylors Mill: the Carolina Recycling Company. He, his wife Natalie, their daughter Jane Ryan and son Eli live in the Eastside area of Greenville. Caleb is a raving Clemson fan, so be sure to remove any garnett before entering his office. 

Email Caleb

Greg Cotton


A native of Nova Scotia and raised in Wisconsin and Atlanta, Greg knows how to make connections. After 12 years as a movie and music video casting director in both Atlanta and L.A., he and his wife Katie moved to Greenville to settle down and start a family. They live with their sons Jack and Gabe in the Eastside area of Greenville. In early 2013, Greg found the mill and built a studio for Katie's makeup and photography business and has been at the Mill ever since. He's currently building and leasing studios in the WRK GRP area.

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Our Staff

Kari Walker

Office Manager

Kari has been working at and for the Taylors Mill in various roles since 2006 and splits time between both Kenneth Walker’s venture and the main portion of the  Mill. Kari has a passion for excellence that keeps everyone on track.

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Alex Reynolds

Communications and Special Projects Director

Alex has been around the Taylors Mill since the formation of Taylors TownSquare in 2012 and began assisting with communications in the fall of 2015. He also works full time for Taylors First Baptist Church and is involved in many community activities.

Email Alex | Visit him online


Wellington Payne


Wellington and his company Shed Labs has been a tenant of WRK GRP at the Taylors Mill since 2014. He designs all of the wonderful visual assets that keep the Taylors Mill looking great.

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Shane Elmore

Maintenance Supervisor

Bobby Austin

Maintenance/Grounds Keeper